The Thug

This Binder Designs kit is, IMO, one of the better rockets for Level 1 HPR certification, at least for fliers who don't have any near-term plans to move on to Level 2.  The 29mm mount version is under $50, builds to about 32 ounces liftoff weight, and will fly about 1200 feet on an H128, or under 2000 feet even on an H180.  With a third centering ring used to sandwich the fin tabs, even if built with yellow glue (as mine is -- there isn't a drop of epoxy anywhere in it) it'll stand up to about anything that will fit in the mount, and it's light enough to fly (in calm conditions, at least) on an E30 single-use or E28 reload with short delay (do be sure to run a simulation before trying this -- if yours is heavier than mine, you could have a prang and/or an unsafe flight).

The Thug is four inches in diameter, only 33 inches long, and almost half the length is the long ogive nose cone.  It has four small fins and normally requires four to six ounces of nose weight for stability.  Mine is painted with a red nose cone, fading to a black tail, and has a silver stripe near the tip of one fin, as well as the "THUG" graphic supplied in the kit.

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