Here's software I've created, available for you to download.

VGAScope is a screen kaleidoscope I wrote -- originally, in GW-Basic, then in Quick Basic, before converting some assembler graphics routines for in-line use with the Fitted Software Tools Modula-2 compiler system. This includes an optional speed restricter (called Clock-Watch) to keep the display from causing too much eyestrain on a very fast system.
FullMoon, on the other hand, was written with the TopSpeed Modula-2 compiler -- a much easier integrated development environment to use than the Fitted Software Tools implementation of the same language, but a somewhat less standard implementation, with less support for long variable names and more extensions that won't necessarily be recognized by other compilers (somewhat akin to Turbo Pascal in that regard).
My Osmosis game was written over a period of only three days, out of blazing annoyance at a commercial shareware version of the same game (one of my favorite solitaire games), which contained a serious bug -- it would completely crash DOS after three games -- and still demanded payment. It's written in Quick Basic, but is a stand-alone compile -- that is, you won't need a runtime module to use it.
Crypt-It 2.0 is a personal keyword encryption program that runs in the GEOS ® environment. It requires an interpreter known as IZL ®, for Interpreted Zoomer Language, which is also available in a shareware version.

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Last updated Wednesday, February 16, 2000.