Super 'Fonly Lathe

The first group of parts

Headstock Preassembly
These are the headstock supports and lower headstock cap, showing their relationship.  The holes in the headstock cap aren't drilled yet, but you can see how it will sit at the top of the supports, and how the holes will match up when these parts are glued together.  Once this set of parts is assembled (two sets, one for each headstock support) I can use it to transfer the hole positions to the baseplate and drill the matching holes, followed by counterboring and crushing the nuts into the bottom of the baseplate.  The bed risers and ways will be flush against the surface of one headstock support, and I may decide I need a reinforcement support between the headstock supports as well -- that can be added before line boring for the spindle, or even afterward without requiring tedious realignment by simply withdrawing the spindle from the bearings and sheave.

Bolt Hole Grooves

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