The Ninja-B

Ninja-B refers to a stock Estes Ninja with one small modification: the motor mount, fins, and launch lug were all moved back 19mm to accomodate a 19mm length boattail, reducing from the BT-20 OD of the body to the BT-5 OD of the motor mount. This boattail was made with a shroud pattern printed by VCP 1.64, with a slot cut to accomodate the Estes motor latch. The first flight of this model made it clear that the delay in the A3-4T is much too short; the deployment forces opened a snap swivel rated at 10 lbs and the nose cone was lost, though it was later recovered.

 This model, BTW, came to me by way of answering a challenge put forth on rec.models.rockets by Les Troyer, to give the proper pseudonym to which a quote in his .sig was attributable. Dead simple for anyone who's seen The Yellow Submarine, but I guess that's a bit old for many modern rocketeers .

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