The Maniac

This rocket was built completely stock from an Estes Maniac kit -- I bought it to have another rocket flyable for the December 1996 launch, which was subsequently cancelled due to poor weather. Based on the first three flights, this model flies exactly like every other Maniac I've ever seen -- flights to around 800+ feet with a D12-5, and the rocket flies reasonably well on C6-3 motors with an adapter, and can be expected to really perform on Aerotech E15 and/or E30 expendables; I've just been lent an RMS 24/40 set and will now be able to fly the D15, E18, and E28 at slightly lower cost per flight than Estes motors (and much less than AT expendables).

 The 19.5" nylon x-form parachutes I purchased from American Science and Surplus have proved to be perfect for rockets in this class. The rocket descends at a similar or slightly faster rate than on the stock 12" parasheet, drifts very little indeed, and there turned out to be no problem packing the relatively bulky parachute and shrouds to fit the BT-56 body -- deployment has been reliable, even when an understrength ejection charge left the wadding still in the tube. 

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