Super 'Fonly Lathe

The lumber

Super 'Fonly lumber

This is the baseplate (after routing the 1/4" round over on the edge), the bed risers (still at full length, as I originally cut them before determining the length of the bed) and the headstock cap lumber.  Bed risers are from the same 3/4" birch ply as the baseplate, as the lower portion of each headstock riser will be; they'll raise the 1/4" steel ways plate 1 1/2" off the baseplate, allowing enough height to run the lead screw along the front.  The headstock caps are 1 1/2" square red oak (I couldn't find any maple in that size, and oak is plenty hard); there will be two pieces on top of each headstock riser, clamping the spindle bearings between them.

Cut Lumber

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