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I have some plans in my head for a nifty new kite.  I don't know when I'll get it built, but I hope to start working on it within the next few weeks (following April 14, 2002).  Assuming I don't find my wife's antique sewing machine can't handle the task, I'll work up to it in increments.  First, I want to build a classic Conyne, aka French Military Kite in a moderate size, just to get my hand in (the last true Conyne I've had anything to do with was in 1966, when my Dad built one that had to be tied to the bumper of the car); following that, I want to built one that uses a second spreader the same width as the original, to produce a kite that looks like a cross between a Conyne and a Rokkaku.  Assuming success with that, I then want to step up to a very large version with two keel sections and a center panel, still with the Rokkaku-like outer wing panels -- a Double Rokkaku-Conyne -- and I want to try flying it on two or four lines, to see if a Conyne derived kite can be used for traction, and if so, how big it would need to be to compete with the much more complex (at least to build) foils and parawings.

As I make progress and pass milestones, I'll post more on this, including photos and dimensions.

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