The Hawkeye

My Estes Hawkeye was a kit I bought on impulse one trip to the hobby shop; it was less than $5, and looked interesting. I built the kit in a single day (I'm a slowish builder, but I do get by), and painted it over a couple weekends. My only departures from stock were to extend the "conduit cover" on the upper body surface to full length, and to conceal a wire leader shock cord mount under that extended cover, rather than using the mount specified in the plans, which would have been visible on the finished rocket.

 The water transfer decals all went on smoothly, and three coats of primer allowed me to cover the model with a single coat of paint in each of the two required colors. All in all, this is a lot of rocket for the size and cost, and based on a single flight, it appears to be a very good flier! One could wish for die-cut balsa fins, but probably won't get them in a kit at this price. It pleases me greatly to know that the Hawkeye is still a catalog item for 1997 -- I very well may get one or more additional, as spares. 

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