The Flutter-B

This is my first model built completely from my own design, no kit-bashing, no plans from some archive -- just me, VCP, a bag of parts, some modeling tools and glue, and me. The design, intended for B SD competition, is a simple 3FNC with a boattail, BT-50 with an 18mm motor mount, elliptical cone, swept fins mounted on ahead of the boattail, and a 7" x 70" streamer. The rocket's about a foot long, will get about 600' AGL on an Estes B6-6, and on its first test flight (in windy weather, with weathercocking, and on a shorter -4 delay) gave a 41-second performance. That's probably not competitive at the national level, but should be just fine for local and possibly regional competition -- especially because the very same rocket can also be flown in C SD and even, with Aerotech or Apogee composite motors, in D SD. It ought to be capaple of reaching over 2000 feet with a composite D such as the Aerotech D21 or the RMS 18/20 D13 reload, and from that height, it should take well over 2 minutes to return to Earth -- and that might well be competitive even nationally. 

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