The Deltie Thunder

The Deltie Thunder is a huge boost glider from Edmonds Aerospace. It has a span of 30", weighs around 3 ounces in glide configuration, and has a 24mm motor pod with parachute recovery to get it up there.

 Mine has a slightly checkered history; I constructed it during a 2-hour build-and-fly session, changed from 3/16" to 1/4" launch lugs, and added a motor hook (the original would have used friction fitting, which I dislike). The first three times I tried to launch it, the launch lugs came off the tube; on the last of those, I gave the glider a hand toss to prove to a bystander that it did, in fact, glide, and it banked sharply, landed on one wingtip, and disassembled itself. After repairs, I've gotten it to fly once; that flight proves the glider to be in need of considerable nose weight, as it was stalling vigorously. At least the launch lugs are staying on now!

 This model normally boosts on a D12-3, but if slightly reinforced can also be flown on motors like the Aerotech E15, or the E18 reload for the RMS 24/40 system. On a D12-3, it gets about 200 feet up, arcs over a lot, and will probably turn in times of around 45 seconds when properly balanced and flown in still air. 

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