Super 'Fonly Lathe

The cut lumber

Super 'Fonly Cut Lumber

This is the lumber after cutting to length -- the contrast is pretty poor due to the bad light in my basement, unfortunately.  I've included a pair of safety glasses as a scale reference here; the bed risers are 16" long and 2" wide, each 3/4" thick to raise the bed ways a total of 1 1/2" above the base plate.  The headstock caps are each 3" of 1 1/2" square oak (the oak was laminated from two pieces each 3/4" by 1 1/2"; I plan to put the lamination join flat to avoid any tendency for the clamping bolts to split the joint); the bore for the spindle bearings will be centered on the joint between them, so they can clamp the bearing and I can remove it and the spindle easily later if needed -- for instance, to replace a worn belt or bearing, or to upgrade the spindle if this one turns out to be inadequate.

You can see the relatively large open area in the right rear of the baseplate -- this is the "dead area" I mentioned on the main Super 'Fonly page.  I don't yet know what will live there, but the basic lathe doesn't need it.

Uncut Lumber

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