The Astron Cobra

My Astron Cobra is a complete reproduction of the kit version of the Cobra from the early 1970s.  It uses a balsa transition and nose cone that I found in a local hobby shop's loose parts bin, though I did install a motor retention device between the motor mount tubes (a length of nylon screw, with a nylon acorn nut threaded on to retain the motors) and use a centering ring forward of the motor mounts to avoid the very annoying technique of puttying in the gaps around the mount tubes with tissue soaked in glue.  Several coats of primer and gloss black, and a judicious assortment of decals from Estes assortment sheets, and it was ready to fly -- and fly it does.  One of the first comments I generally get with it is how light it is; it flies well even on 1/2A6-2 motors, though that delay is a little short.  I need to make up some more 13 mm adapters and try flying it on 1/2A3-4T and A3-4T motors, as well as trying Quest A6-4 motors, since I can't get 1/2A6-2 or A8-5 any more.

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