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I've always been interested in astronomy and telescope making. I started to build an 8" f/7 Springfield Newtonian for my high school in 1977, but my abrupt departure cancelled that project when the mirror was rough ground and the mount consisted of a single welded steel part.

I got back into astronomy gradually -- I bought some small Newtonian reflectors at yard sales in the 1980s, and occasionally used them, with the one single eyepiece that came with one of them, to observe Jupiter and the Moon.  More recently, in December 1998, I bought a Meade 4400, a 114 mm aperture, f/8 Newtonian reflector on a German Equatorial mount.  I've been using this, when weather permits, from my backyard, but haven't yet had a chance to take it to a gathering of other local astronomers or to a dark sky site, where I might be able to see how it really performs.

Later this year, I hope to get back into telescope making with an 8" Newtonian project (possibly a Nasmyth, aka Springsonian: a Dobsonian with the eyepiece centered in the altitude bearing); following that, I've been considering a design for a 6" Newtonian binocular telescope.  Follow the Telescope Making link below (when it's done) to see more on these and any other projects I undertake.

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