The Alpha

This is the original wood-fin Alpha (though it was updated to a plastic nose cone in the 1970s).  This one was won as a prize in the local contests in 1997, IIRC for coming in second in 1/2A Boost Glider (or possibly for second in B Streamer Duration -- I won one for each, and they're identical).

I built this model completely stock, except for changing the color scheme to blue and yellow instead of red, white, and blue.  I used it in part as a test bed for my new airbrush; I found I could get good coverage and smooth paint with the airbrush, but the coverage area is so small and the cleanup task so large that I'm not likely to use it for colors that are available in spray cans, unless I need to do something a spray can can't do.

Unfortunately, when the Model Master Gloss Clear refused to wet out when sprayed from the airbrush, the paint wrinkled when I shot the second coat of Fred Meyer clear enamel over the Model Master gloss.  The wrinkles partly shrank out as the paint dried, but the model isn't up to my usual standards.  Still, it flies well, and the wrinkles don't seem to hurt performance a great deal.

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