Super 'Fonly Lathe

The first group of parts

This is the handwheel pulley from the same sewing machine that supplied the motor.  The pulley appears to be cast iron or cast steel, and has some machined surfaces with others as cast.  The side you see here was toward the sewing machine, and wouldn't have been visible in use, but you can see the large center hole -- I'll have to bush that to fit the countershaft, most likely, since I probably won't be able to find other pulleys with shaft holes that large, but a bushing is a pretty simple thing.  You can also just see the pulley groove, as well as the belt that came with the sewing machine.  The pulley profile is such that it can also use a small vee belt, or the round section belts that are commonly sold for sewing machines now.  I doubt I'll ever have major problems finding replacement belts -- sewing machines have changed a lot over the past twenty years, but the belts that drive the machines are still compatible with those made in the 1930s.

The first set of parts
The Gears
The Motor

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