Super 'Fonly Lathe

The first group of parts

This is the first group of parts I've gotten together.  The wood is the baseplate, a 9" x 24" piece of 3/4" thick birch plywood.  It's heavy, and it's strong; it'll get further reinforced as the project proceeds, by the bed strips, the ways plate, and eventually by the cabinet that will house the speed control, tools, and accessories for the lathe.  You can also see the motor, stripped from a dead sewing machine, along with the pully handwheel, belt, and one set of the gears that will eventually drive the lead screw to give threading capability.  I have four sets of these gears, which I hope will compensate for not having the opportunity to choose the ratios myself; the gears, ordered from American Science and Surplus, are 24 tooth pitch and come in five diameters from 5/8" up to 2 1/2".  They have 1/8" shaft holes, but I'll be able to enlarge the holes in all but the smallest to 1/4" or larger; even the smallest might take that size, and that's plenty for shafts.  In addition, I'll be able to glue and/or pin the gears together in pairs to get the reductions I need.  Finally, you can see my 6" dial caliper, included for scale reference.

The Gears
The Motor
The Handwheel/Pulley

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