Super 'Fonly Lathe

The first group of parts

Here's the motor I stripped from an old dead sewing machine.  You can't quite read it in this image, but this motor was made by Matsushita, the same company that produces Panasonic brand consumer electronics (I have two Panasonic printers).  I didn't notice this until I'd bought the sewing machine and taken the motor off, but it gives me a warm feeling in terms of the original quality of the motor, since Panasonic goods generally seem well made.  It has an internal cooling fan, behind the openings around the pulley, as well as the sturdy mounting bracket and pulley already mounted on the shaft; it's rated for continuous duty at 90W, and with no load turns what sounds like about 10,000 rpm.  That's reduced by around 10:1 by the pulley from the sewing machine's main shaft, and I plan to install a countershaft with a cone pulley set to transfer power to the spindle, allowing reduction or increase over a range of about 4:1 -- to give a final spindle speed range of something like 500 to 2000 rpm.  For small work, it's seldom necessary to go slower than 500 rpm, but I also plan to build a speed control (this motor is designed to work with one) that will allow me to fine tune the speed as necessary.

The first set of parts
The Gears
The Handwheel/Pulley

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