Super 'Fonly Lathe

Headstock bolt holes

Bolt Hole grooves in headstock supports

These are the plywood pieces that will be laminated together to form the lower part of the headstocks.  The grooves you see here will match up when the parts are glued, and will form the hole through which the 1/4" x 20 threaded rod studs will pass to secure these parts to the baseplate.  Below, in the baseplate itself, the stud will enter a matching nut crushed into a counterbore in the wood, forming a strong threaded insert that needs no wrench.  At the top of these pieces will be the lower and then the upper headstock caps, the 3" long pieces of 1 1/2" square red oak shown in the previous update, secured with nuts and washers threaded onto the studs.

Once these parts are all assembled and the bed and ways in place, flattened (whether by scraping or shimming remains to be seen), and dovetailed, a temporary tailstock carrying my electric hand drill will be used to line bore the headstock caps along the joint between the upper and lower oak parts to make the holes for the spindle bearings.  By line boring, I can ensure that the spindle hole is perfectly aligned with the ways, at least until the first time I have to disassemble the headstocks (but I also ensure that in that case, I'll be able to get things back into alignment as long as I maintain the orientation and location of all the parts).

Headstock Preassembly

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