Flight Log for 9 August 1997, Boeing Space Center, Kent, WA

Clear and sunny, but the wind was punishing, running 10-15 mph N most of the day, with occasional excursions to near 20; this direction is into the fenced plant, and there were several rockets lost (though not as many as in the previous duration contest). This launch was a Spot Landing contest.
Model Flt
Recovery Type Motor Comments
Flutter-B 4 24" crepe streamer Estes A8-5 In Spot Landing, altitude isn't a plus, but the Flutter-B goes much too high, even on an A motor. In this case, the rocket landed about 100 feet from the pad, for a FAR score, and broke a fin completely off the tube (taking a layer of tube with it), requiring repairs at home.
Bertha-24 14 12" plastic parasheet with spill and vents Estes B6-4 The second flight, I flew what I should have flown the first time -- the Bertha is reliable, doesn't drift much due to the vented parachute, and doesn't go too high, even on a B motor. I still got a FAR (about 60 feet from the spot), but it was enough better that I could probably have adusted the second flight to be inside the fifty foot scoring circle. After this flight, due to wind conditions, I called it a day and went home, not wishing to risk any of my rockets for sport or test flying.

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