Flight Log for 8 November, 1997, Boeing Space Center, Kent, WA

Clear and sunny, wind 5-10 N (blowing into the fenced plant)
Model Flt 
Recovery Type Motor Comments
12" plastic parasheet Estes A8-5 Not a very good motor choice -- I can only plead temporary brain fade, causing me to forget that the Cherokee-D is closer to a Big Bertha than an Alpha in performance.  Ejection occurred approximately one second after the nose cone implanted in the ground.  Fortunately, the ground was soft due to recent rain, and the rocket hadn't gone high enough to impact with much velocity; there was no damage except to my dignity.
12" plastic parasheet Estes A8-3 This was a much more auspicious choice of motor -- same low, slow flight, but ejection just after apogee.  Very short walk for recovery <grin>.
Long Shot
Dual 48" crepe streamers Estes D12-0 / Estes A8-5 This is the proper place for the A8-5 -- in the upper stage of a rocket where you want to demonstrate staging, but don't want a long chase.  Worked perfectly in this case, and the dual streamers slowed the recovery descent enough to (apparently) stop breaking fins on the sustainer.
18" nylon parasheet Estes D12-3 By way of demonstrating that last week's successful D flight on the Spike wasn't a fluke, I put it up on the same motor again.  No flukes here; it performed perfectly again, even in the wind.
Long Shot
Dual 48" crepe streamers Estes D12-0 / Estes B6-6 The results from the previous flight were good enough I decided to try again, with a little more power.  Once again, everything was nominal, and even though it landed on the gravel strip of the radar test range, there were no broken or even cracked fins on the sustainer.
12" plastic parasheet Estes B6-4 This flight was the epitome of perfection -- every went perfectly, right up to landing back at the foot of the launch pad.  In all, given the windy conditions, this was a good launch day indeed!

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