My Speedway 7x12 Bench Lathe

Update: 2003.06.01

Note Well!
I am not a professional machinist, nor have I ever been one.  Prior to purchasing this lathe, I had used a metal cutting lathe precisely once in my life, for about two hours; that was in 1980, and the lathe I used then was a monster compared to this small, inexpensive machine tool.  Don't take anything written here as a recommendation -- in a machine shop, I'm not qualified to recommend anything other than following the manufacturer's instructions and seeking competent advice.

Since the last update, I've finished work on the chuck adapter I was making to put my 4 jaw woodworking chuck, with 3/4" x 10 tpi mount, on the Speedway lathe.

Unfortunately, I finished work by destroying the part in the last operation.  I'll save the gory details for the project pages for this part, but suffice to say that .004" interference is too tight for a shrink fit in small parts -- I've have been much better off with .001", I now understand.  The good news is, this gives me an opportunity to do a couple things in a different order, which I hope will let me keep the same setup for all the critical operations and give better concentricity, i.e. lower runout figures for the final mounted chuck.  Yeah, I know, it means a lot less on an independent four jaw than it would on a scroll chuck, but it's good practice in any case.  Even better, I now have a set of boring bars and a (shop made) holder for them, so I can use the proper tool to cut the recess on the spindle side of the adapter, instead of trying to plunge cut .135" deep with a type E carbide tool (straight end cutting tool) -- a rather chattery process -- and then face in from the groove to the center hole.

I've also gotten a magnetic base work lamp that will happily stick to the headstock and will let me see the work a lot better (not to mention photograph it far more easily), bought the faceplate Harbor Freight sells for this lathe, and am in process of adding a chip guard to the apron gears.  While I have things apart, I also intend to drill some oil holes, some in places I had read I should find them, and haven't, and others in places that look as if they should have them, but don't.  More on that on my fixes page when it's completed, probably later this week.

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