Flight Log for 7 September 1997, Monroe, WA

High scattered cirrus and altocumus, wind 2-7 N, and hot!
Model Flt 
Recovery Type Motor Comments
Fat Fat Boy 4 18" plastic parasheet Estes D12-7 core w/ 3x Quest C6-0 outboards My first attempt at air starting motors, and an experiment ti determine whether Jetex wick could be used like Thermalite for igniting air started motors, ended in disaster.  The problems had nothing to do with the air starting; rather, the core motor CATOed on the pad.  The roman candle failure ejected the motor contents forward through the rocket, tearing out the shock cord and propelling the nose cone and parachute about 25 feet up, where the parachute deployed and the nose cone returned without damage; the casing was also ejected with such force as to break the Estes motor hook at the forward gend, leaving the forward hook still in place against the thrust block but removing the long part of the latch from under the tape wrap that secured it to the MMT. 

The ejection of the motor case fortunately extinguished the Jetex going to all three outboards, so the rocket body didn't attempt an unstable flight without nose cone or nose weight.  Damage is minor, and the rocket will fly again soon.

Cherokee-D(2) 6 12" plastic parasheet Estes C6-5 The usual perfect flight from this model -- once again I wonder, given how well this model flies on B and C motors, why Estes never pushed their adapters harder.  The D is too much for reliable recovery, except in the best of conditions, but the C is very fine indeed.
Super Firefly B/G 5 Glide with 18" streamer in pod Estes 1/2A3-2T Good boost, less pitch up after retrimming with reduced tail incidence and nose weight, but turn too tight and slight tendency to stall in glide.  Reduced left wingtip weight and added some to nose.
Super Firefly B/G 6 Glide, with 18" streamer in pod Estes 1/2A3-2T Delay on motor was less than one second -- ejection occurred at high speed, but no damage; glider still a tiny bit stallish, but turn acceptable.  I'll trim out the last bit of stall just before the contest; it'll only need a tiny bit of clay on the nose.
Cherokee-D(2) 7 12" plastic parasheet Estes C6-5 This flight weathercocked a bit into the rising breeze, but the parachute drifted back toward the pads.  The rocket was almost caught, but at the last instant, it changed course, and what would have been a clean snag turned into just nicking one fin; a fingernail put a small notch in the tip edges, where it's standed as thin as a lawyer's honor.  No big deal.

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