Flight Log for 7 June 1998, Monroe, WA

Clear and sunny, wind variable 3-10 mph.
Model Flt 
Recovery Type Motor Comments
Fat Fat Boy (2)
18" nylon parasheet Aerotech RMS 24/40 E18-7W A good flight, though some angle off the rod resulted in high-speed deployment and about a 3/4" zipper in the airframe.  Repair will be easy.
Spike (2)
18" nylon parasheet Aerotech F50-6T Perfect flight and recovery, as usual with this rocket.
Deltie Thunder
Glide w/ 18" plastic parasheet in pod Estes D12-3 The wind kept trying to blow the glider off the pod, but it finally got launched.  Probably due to partial detachment from the wind, the glider popped off the pod just before burnout, but that wasn't altogether bad; that meant the glider was released in a vertical climb with substantial velocity, and was able to loop out into level flight at a reasonable height, giving the first really decent glide I've had with this model.  Unfortunately, the pod suffered a broken shock cord, and the tube was badly crimped just ahead of the motor mount.  Repairable.

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