Flight Log for 7 Jan 1996, Monroe, Washington

Wind 5-15, broken ceiling 1500 ft, showers.

Model Flt
Recovery Type Motor Comments
Bertha-Winder 1 Estes 18" Parasheet Estes B4-2 Igniter burned, no ignition.
Bertha-Winder 1-A Estes 18" Parasheet Estes B4-2 Recycled, nominal launch, ejection appr. 1.5 seconds early.
Bertha-Winder 2 Estes 18" Parasheet Estes B6-4 Ejection appr. 1 second late, slightly less altitude than B4-2.
Bertha-Winder 3 Estes 18" Parasheet Estes C6-3 Meant to get C6-5, but ejection right at apogee -- with wind and rod angle, -5 would have been quite late. Plastic wad recovery due to tangled shrouds, no damage.

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