Flight Log for 5 April 1998, Monroe, WA

Broken overcast appr. 2000' AGL, wind 5-10 S, reducing to 2-5 S by mid afternoon.
Model Flt 
Recovery Type Motor Comments
12" plastic parasheet w/ spill and vents Estes C6-5 Good warmup flight -- the old reliable lived up to its reputation, landing back just a dozen or so yards from where I was prepping.
18" nylon X-form (surplus) Estes D12-5 The Maniac flew as well as it ever had -- straight boost and coast and good ejection.  One panel of the x-form parachute folded in under the others, but the descent rate was still acceptable, and the rocket landed without damage -- and promptly disappeared in the tall grass.  It took about five minutes and the help of another person to locate it.
24" nylon parasheet Aerotech H128-7W (RMS 29/180) Yes, you read it right -- an H motor on the first flight in a new rocket.  This was my NAR Level 1 HPR confirmation flight, part of a set of five such flights on the same rack by members of SeaNAR, Section #568 of the NAR.  My flight was a little awkward due to thrust vectoring caused by my motor retention system (though I won't have that problem again -- the motor's exhaust handily removed the obstruction and left a smooth exit port), but stabilized while still on boost, ejected nominally (despite a now angled trajectory) and landed without damage.  The Section went five launches, five confirmations (plus another member confirmed Level 2 on an individual effort), giving our nine-member section currently six L1 and two L2 certified members. 

As the other fliers put it, I now have a license to spend some real money on rocketry!

24" nylon parasheet Aerotech G40-4W Having finished all the paperwork for my Level 1 cert, I wanted to get one more flight in before we ran out of daylight, so I quickly taped the nozzle end of the single-use G motor I brought along to demonstrate reflight capability, and did just that -- with a perfectly nominal flight and recovery.

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