Flight Log for 4 March 2001, Monroe, WA

Thin overcast growing heavier later in the day, wind 2-10 variable.
Model Flt 
Recovery Type Motor Comments
Luna 2-18 Express
14" plastic parasheet
2x Estes C6-5
On this flight, ignition and boost were completely normal, but one of the two motors ejected at burnout, effectively a zero delay.  Amazingly, the carpet thread recovery harness didn't zipper the airframe, but the parachute failed by tearing across two shrouds, with the result that the airframe took a small core sample.  No other damage, however, other than some blistered paint on the motor mount tube that had the early ejection; I presume from the continued delay burn after the ejection fired.  MESS form filed.
Viper X
18" nylon parasheet
4x Estes D12-5
This was the first flight on my new, modified Viper 4.  Modifications include a removable motor mount, keyed to insure the same orientation when remounted, and a captive "zipperless" piston for ejection.  Despite only three motors igniting, boost and coast were acceptable, but on ejection the piston came to the end of its stroke and kept right on going, having torn out the anchor that secured the restraining strap to the motor mount.  All parts were recovered, and the only damage other than the dismounted piston anchor was a crack in one fin fillet -- which was cosmetic in the first place.  More gluing area is indicated for the piston anchor; that will be in hand by next month.
No parachute -- oops!
Estes C6-5
This was my first flight after repairing the BBBertha!, and I seem to have forgotten to attach a new parachute -- and since this model uses a recovery compartment and doesn't require wadding, I didn't remove the nose and actually check.  No harm done; ejection was just after apogee, the rocket was well uprange due to weathercocking, and only a very minor core sample resulted with no new damage.
12" plastic parasheet
Estes D12-5
Conditions were marginal, but I decided to go ahead and try the Bertha on a D12-5; given the wind, this was likely to be closer to the correct delay than the D12-7 I usually prefer.  The flight was nominal, deployment very close to apogee, and the walk was reasonable.

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