Flight Log for 4 June 2000, Monroe, WA

High thin overcast w/ a solar halo, wind 2-7 and variable, winds aloft from the N.
Model Flt 
Recovery Type Motor Comments
Spike (2)
18" nylon parasheet
Aerotech RMS 24/40 E18-4
My intention for today's flying was to complete all four NARTrek Bronze tasks -- 30 second streamer duration, 1 minute parachute duraction, 2 stage flight, and D or larger model flight.  Unfortunately, a combination of heat, having to park very far from the flight line, and two attempts where (after waiting close to a half hour to get on a rack) the Copperhead lit but failed to ignite the (old) White Lightning led to having only a single flight completed by the time I'd been at the launch for four hours.  Once the motor finished chuffing and ignited, the flight was everything I expect from the Spike on this motor: straight up, deployment a little late (due to burning propellant on the pad and/or late delay ignition, I'd guess), but nominal recovery after a short tailslide and flat spin.

By the time I had recovered this flight, however, it was after 3:00 PM, and I decided to call it a day -- I have to be up very, very early tomorrow.

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