Flight Log for 3 Nov 1996, Monroe, Washington

Overcast approximately 1500' AGL, scattered clouds at lower levels, with occasional breakups through the day to as much as 3000' AGL. Wind varied from 5 to 20 mph from SSW. Few larger rockets were flown, and several of those went into the swamp; recovery from the swamp had the added hazard of bird hunters prone to shoot at anything not wearing hunter orange and game wardens ready to issue citations carrying a $200 fine for anyone in the woods without orange garments.
Model Flt
Recovery Type Motor Comments
Alpha 3 18 24 inch plastic streamer Estes B6-4 This was, as always, a perfect flight, except for one minor little problem: I didn't angle the rod quite far enough upwind, and the model drifted across the road on the north side of the field. It didn't go into the swamp, but rather hung up in a tree between the road and the water, in the topmost branch, and lodged firmly. While I was able to cast a weighted kite line over the correct branch twice in a couple dozen attempts, the line wouldn't hang on either the rocket or the branch, and I finally gave up. Model lost.
Spinnaker 10 Nose-blow tumble Estes A3-4T This is the third flight since installing the 13mm mount; the same sheet of wadding is still in the body tube through all of this! Still, the rocket flew well, and recovered safely -- it's beginning to look as if 13mm conversion and tumble recovery is the way to go with these smaller models from Stellar Dimensions, since the forward body tube is too small for the parachute.
Mongoose 3 (upper w/ Delta Dart parasite) 11 18" plastic parasheet Estes A8-3 More flight time on this combination; the glider spiraled in on this flight, but given the wind, that was probably better than the alternative.
Mongoose 3 (upper w/ Delta Dart parasite) 12 18" parasheet Estes A8-3 Still more flight time; this time, with minor adjustment to the glider, it floated, and headed for the swamp. Fortunately, these gliders are very light and easily upset by air currents; in this case, the turbulent air around the line of trees between the road and swamp caused the glider to spiral in and land on the road, without damage, where it was rescued by a helpful fellow rocketeer.
Mongoose 3 (upper w/ Delta Dart parasite) 13 18" parasheet Estes A8-3 On this flight, the glider again spiraled in. I'm starting to think the delta planform of this glider causes problems in recovering from some attitudes, and with no way to control the position of the glider at separation from the booster (at ejection, very close to apogee), I may never be able to get real consistency. It's probably time to build a small balsa glider with a more conventional layout to ride this tug.

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