Flight Log for 3 May, 1998, Monroe, WA

High broken overcast, appr. 3000 feet; wind light and variable.
Model Flt 
Recovery Type Motor Comments
Spike (2)
18" nylon parasheet RMS 24/40, E18-4W First flight for my new Spike, built to replace the one eaten by the Toy R' Us warehouse in Kent in February.  All was nominal on this flight, with ejection slightly past apogee, and the rocket falling in a horizontal, fin-stalled attitude at ejection.
24" nylon parasheet Dark Star F62-4 Very nice, low, visible flight and short recovery walk; twisted suspension lines partially reefed parachute, but no damage resulted from increased descent rate.
Spike (2)
18" nylon parasheet F20-7W Econojet All nominal; much higher than previous flight and ejection right at apogee.  Recovery on field.
Spyglass 1
Rocket Glider Estes 1/2A3-2T Arcing during boost, with deployment to glide configuration at only about 50 feet, some stalling in glide.  Need to add roll tab to reduce glide arcing and readjust.
Spike (2)
18" nylon parasheet F20-7W Econojet Another excellent flight; this is the third flight with this ejection compartment system, and no trace of damage to either parachute or shock cord.  I think all my larger models will incorporate this system in the future.

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