Flight Log for 3 August 1997, Monroe, WA

Clear, sunny, and hot, wind 0-5 N. At a best guess, it must have exceeded 90 degrees F shade temp, and there was no shade on the field.
Model Flt
Recovery Type Motor Comments
Super Firefly BG 1 Glide, 8" crepe steamer in pod Estes 1/2A3-2T The glider popped off during boost -- though it recovered and glided okay afterward, it had so little altitude there wasn't much of a flight. Post-flight examination showed that, when I held the glider and pushed on the motor nozzle of the pod, the pod could rotate against the hook and lever itself loose under pretty modest thrust. Back to the building board.
Estes Long Shot 4 48" crepe streamer Estes D12-0/D12-7 The flight and staging were completely nominal, with separationg directly over the pad at about 250 feet after upper stage ignition. The no-wind conditions even led to recovery back on the field, but the same fin that broke off on the previous flight broke again, just at the base where the fin joins the styrene body tube sleeve. Perhaps I should change this one to a parachute, and live with the drift.
Maniac 6 18" nylon x-form Estes D12-5 Flight was nominal, perfectly vertical, and the rocket tailslid slightly before ejection. The deployment of the nylon x-form parachute, which barely fits in the BT-56 tube, was slow, as it often is, allowing the rocket to descend some way before full deployment occurred. No big deal.
Bertha 24 13 12" plastic parasheet with spill Estes D12-7 Another ho-hum perfect flight; this one, to around 900 feet (according to the sims) recovered about 75 feet from the pad. This Bertha now has as many flights on it as my previous one did when it hung in a tree on its second D powered mission; this rocket has almost half its flights on D motors. What a difference a change of parachute makes!

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