Flight Log for 28 April 2001, 60 Acres Park, Redmond, WA

Broken cloud cover appr. 5000' AGL, wind light 2-5 N.
Model Flt 
Recovery Type Motor Comments
Long Slide (slide pod 1/4A RG)
Rocket glider
Apogee 1/4A2-2 It's been a long time since July, when I couldn't get the No Moving Parts RG to boost, no matter how well it glided, and finally broke the fuselage trying to adjust out as much incidence as possible.  Today, I had the opposite problem; instead of good glide and bad boost, I had excellent boost, but no glide.  I had rebuilt the glider, using the same (seemingly very good) wing and tail but a slide pod arrangment, where the motor ejection burns a thread and allows the motor pod to slide backward, moving the CG from the boost to the glide position.  In theory, this should let one set up to get little pitch up during boost (thus avoiding the loop in coast), while still having enough decalage to keep the nose up in glide.  Unfortunately, I think I build the glider without enough decalage; by the time I got the glide CG far enough back to start to glide, it was wallowing and unstable; with the CG far enough forward to avoid the wallow, the glide was at a steep nose down angle.  The latter is what I got on this first flight.
Long Slide
Rocket glider
Apogee 1/4A2-2
On the second try, after some readjustment and much test gliding, I got the wallowing, unstable flight that looked like a deep stall -- almost certainly the CG was too far to the rear for this configuration; the lack of a middle ground suggests I need to add decalage and move the CG forward.  By this time, I was also seeing some kinking at the vents in the forward section of the pod, intended to keep the ejection from blowing out the tube.  Back to the drawing board, I guess -- the Apogee micro motors lose contest certification after this weekend, but I still have seven left, and what I learn will surely be applicable to gliders built around 13 mm or Micro Maxx motors.  Meantime, the design of this rocket lends itself to building a new sliding pod (and I have more 10.5 mm tubing).

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