Flight Log for 28 April 2001, 60 Acres Park, Redmond, WA

Heavy cloud cover appr. 2500' AGL, wind 5-20 S, and occasional rain showers
Model Flt 
Recovery Type Motor Comments
Astron Cobra
12" nylon x-form
3x Quest A6-4 Having just gotten my bulk pack of A6-4 motors, I wanted to fly a few, so I prepped up the Cobra.  I used Solar igniters instead of the Quest Tiger Tail II because I don't have a clip whip and the Solar igniters can be clustered by twisting the leads -- but I did use the Tiger Tac plugs that come with the Quest motors, because they fit the Quest nozzles.

Unfortunately, on ignition the rocket rose just high enough to clear the rod, then fell back to the ground and broke off a fin, then laid there pouring out the thick, yellowish Quest tracking smoke before ejecting.  On inspection, I found that only one motor had ignited, but all three igniters were burned; I can only presume that either I didn't have all the igniters in contact with the propellant, or there was some of the new black nozzle material over the propellant and I couldn't see it on a nozzle inspection during prep.

Damage isn't terrible, and I can repair it, but with a shortage of flyable rockets in my fleet right now, and the weather conditions, I didn't fly any more that day.

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