Flight Log for 27 March 1999, 60 Acres Park, Redmond, WA

Broken clouds app. 1500 AGL, light overcast much higher; wind S 10-20, and cold!
Model Flt 
Recovery Type Motor Comments
2x24" crepe streamer Estes A8-5 With the windy condition, I didn't want a rocket that would drift a lot.  This was probably not the best choice; it's a low-drag desigin, reminiscent of the old Estes Apogee altitude flier, including the boattail, and it goes amazingly high on an A motor.  It's also light, so it doesn't come down all that fast even on this small streamer.  It drifted across the road and landed in the "closed to all use" soccer fields -- I ignored the "keep out" sign and retrieved it, requiring only a single step onto the actual field surface, and no entry to the playing fields themselves.
2x24" crepe streamer
Estes A8-5
Thinking I could get the rocket back on the field with a little more rod angle, I tried again.  Wrong.  Among othe confounding factors, this rocket exhibits practically no weathercocking, even when the pad is tilted upwind; it's like launching in calm weather, even when the wind is blowing.  As a result, the rocket didn't cast upwind as far as I had intended, and again drifted across the road -- but this time, at least, it landed in the parking lot (no new nicks in the fins from the gravel -- it really does come down pretty slowly even on this small streamer) so I didn't have to "trespass" to retrieve it.

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