Flight Log for 25 May 1996, Millican, Oregon

Scattered clouds appr. 3000 AGL, winds 5-20, blowing dust!
Model Flt
Recovery Type Motor Comments
Alpha III 1 Estes 18" parasheet Estes A3-4T w/ adapter I didn't want too much motor in the wind -- mine was the first launch of the day for the site, and I didn't know how recovery conditions were; in addition, the club-supplied low-power pads had no provision for tilting the launch rods. Parachute failed to open, rocket recovered nearby with no damage.
Blue Star 2 12" plastic streamer Estes 1/2A6-2 This was my first tower launch, using my new tower -- rocket boosted straight, ejected still going up; motor kicked (again). Seemed like more height than with the piston; perhaps the piston had too much friction.
Stellar Designs Spinnaker 1 12" plastic parasheet Estes A8-3 First flight on this model; spin-fins give a rapid roll in flight. The parachute was slow opening, but did open fully; recovered close to pad in spite of wind.
Alpha III 2 Estes 18" parasheet Estes A3-4T w/ adapter Another perfect flight -- this motor seems to have the perfect delay for this rocket. Strong weathercocking sent the rocket upwind enough to recover near the pad.
Mongoose 12 24" plastic streamer Estes A10-3T w/ adapter Combination of weathercocking and rapid descent on streamer landed rocket appr. 10 feet from pad.
Blue Star 3 12" plastic streamer Estes A8-5 (discontinued) This long delay was just right for this rocket; the A8-3 would eject with the rocket still rising fast. Rocket flew about 400 feet even wtih weathercocking; drifted appr. 100 yards. Careful trimming of inside rear of tube allowed better friction fit, motor stayed in.
Spinnaker 2 12" plastic parasheet Estes A8-3 Afte untwisting the shroud lines, this rocket flew as well the second time as the first. A pretty good rocket in windy conditions; small parachute and relatively heavy rocket limit drift.
Alpha III 3 Estes 18" parasheet Estes A8-3 Launched during lull in wind; nice vertical boost and descent, landed about 25 feet from pad.
Spinnaker 3 12" plastic parasheet Estes B6-4 Good boost and recovery deployment, but ejection blew out one side of rear body, taking one fin with it. Fin and body section later recovered, rocket repairable.
Alpha III 4 24" plastic streamer Estes B6-4 First try with a streamer on this bird, hoping to reduce descent rate as the wind picked up -- worked okay, but in higher winds without pad tilt, there's still a lot of walking.
Alpha III 5 24" plastic streamer Estes B6-4 Another good flight, drifted about 100 yards even with the streamer.
Alpha III 6 24" plastic streamer Estes C6-5 Last flight of the day; winds getting worse and blowing grit getting in my eyes. Rocket weathercocked just enough to eject directly above the pad; even on streamer drifted over 300 yards. Found by another rocketeer whose rocket drifted on same line; I returned the favor by finding his much further out.

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