Flight Log for 25 August 2001, 60 Acres Park, Redmond, WA

Sunny and warm, wind 0-5 N, changing to 3-10 N by 20:00 PM.
Model Flt 
Recovery Type Motor Comments
Saucer/drag recovery
Quest B6-0 First rocket of the day, and it was already slightly breezy, so I stuck with something I was sure wouldn't go far.  I prepped up one of the Quest B6-0 motors I have left from a couple years ago, and away went the Snitch, getting about 50-75 feet high and landing between the pad and controller.
Saucer/drag recovery
Quest C6-0
I decided to fly the Snitch again with more power, and got the same result; the saucer went a little higher, but not noticeably faster, and though it drifted more, it had worked further upwind during boost, so it still landed very close to the pad.
Alpha + booster
Nose blow tumble
Estes A10-0T/Quest A6-4
I decided it was calm enough to try the Alpha with the booster again.  Prepped everything up, noting in the process that the Alpha is getting really ratty; rear of the airframe is toasted, as are the trailing edges of fins, from staging, motor hook very rusty, forward end of airframe significantly out of round when the nose cone is off.  Still, it appeared flightworty, so up it went.  Ignition was positive, staging was nominal, and the rocket was recovered without additional damage.  Still, I think it's time to find my other Alpha kit and build it.
12" plastic parasheet
Quest B6-4
This was the first flight on my original Seattle Rocket Works SLAT/s.  It's been completed for a long time, waiting for me to get around to setting up my airbrush to apply a few more coats of paint.  Today, I finally gave in and launched it.  Despite being very heavy with the four thick washers and huge screw eye that provide nose weight for stability, after a misfire (presumably caused by nozzle material over the propellant, since the Tiger Tail burned vigorously and the next igniter lit the same motor after a light scrape) the rocket took off hot, straight, and normal, to recover undamaged about a hundred feet away.
Cherokee-D (2)
12" plastic parasheet w/ spill and vents
Estes D12-7
I'd been having good enough flights that I decided to go for it, and launch the Cherokee-D on the motor it was made for: a D12-7.  With a little angling for the wind, the rocket shot high into the sky, and was just well arced over when the ejection fired.  Then it began to drift, past the line of glider guiders set up at the downwind edge of the field, past the blackberry brambles, past the paved roadway beyond, and into a field beyond that.  Fortunately, I had a good line on the rocket and was able to locate it without too much searching, once I got far enough out.

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