Flight Log for 24 July 1999, 60 Acres Park, Redmond, WA

Ceiling appr. 2000' AGL, wind 5-10 S reducing to 2-5 S in the afternoon.
Model Flt 
Recovery Type Motor Comments
18" crepe paper streamer Estes 1/2A3-4T I got to the field and found this was the only model I had in a flyable state, unless I wanted to risk losing another motor mount out of the Betty-X egg lofter.  Making the best of the situation, I flew the Ninja-B.  The wind was high enough at altitude that, although the model didn't weathercock noticeably, it quite visibly drifted downwind during coast, even while maintaining a vertical attitude.  Drift wasn't excessive, though, since this model comes downl fairly quickly on the streamer, and doesn't go excessively high on a 1/2A motor.
18" crepe paper streamer
Estes 1/2A3-4T
My last motor of this type -- and I may not be able to get more, with Estes dropping many of the "specialty" motors from their line (witness the number of upper stange and booster motors left).  The flight was picture perfect, this time with just enough weathercock to leave ejection vertically overhead, and less drift than the first flight.

The remainder of my launch time was spent assisting other Section members with rocket gliders they've built for an upcoming contest.  Since I already have a rocket glider, and have little time to work on rockets just now (due to other, larger projects that are on deadlines), I haven't been spending time at my workbench -- even on needed repairs.  That's got to change pretty soon...

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