Flight Log for 23 December 2000, 60 Acres Park, Redmond, WA

Overcast appr. 2500' AGL, light rain, wind 2-10 SE
Model Flt 
Recovery Type Motor Comments
Luna 2-18 Express
14" plastic parasheet
2x Estes B6-4
This was my first real "sport" flight of this model, as opposed to test flights needed for its entry in rec.models.rockets Descon 7 (in which it took third place among 21 entries -- thanks all for your votes!).  Given the weather, I wasn't at all certain I was going to fly, but the rain tapered off for a bit, so I quickly shook the water off the model (thank heaven enamel is waterproof), prepped a pair of B6-4, and put it on the pad.  Countdown, ignition, and a perfectly straight flight, completely nominal except that the parachute took three or four seconds to open after deployment.  That wasn't all bad, though, because the airframe was falling horizontally (suspended from its harness even with only a plastic wad deployed), and the lower full opening meant the rocket landed only eight to ten feet from the pad.
I didn't attempt another flight; I was wet, and cold, and we didn't even have a quorum for our Section meeting -- but I did have a good last flight of the millennium.

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