Flight Log for 22 August, 1998, 60 Acres Park, Redmond, WA

Partly cloudy, hot, wind variable 0-5 mph.
Model Flt 
Recovery Type Motor Comments
Dual 18" plastic parasheets
Estes B6-2
First test flight on a new eggloft design -- a modified Quest Big Betty, a sort of Big Bertha clone but with three fins instead of four.  This bash has a faired-in CMR egg capsule and a baffle made of four balsa partial bulkheads, pop lug, and interchangeable motor mount intended to support a 3x18mm installation as well as the 1x24mm I made for the upcoming D Eggloft Duration contest.  This first flight was successful, the egg returned without so much as a headache, but the motor mount ejected.  On examination, it looked as if the cardboard centering rings had flexed past the mount latch (a modified Quest motor latch).
Dual 18" plastic parasheets
Estes D12-5
This second test flight further proved the overall soundness of my design, with not a mark on the parachutes despite use of no wadding at all, and with the egg once more recovered in prime condition -- but once again, the motor mount ejected, and this time it was lost.  Back to the shop for a new motor mount design, one less prone to slipping past the latch.
12" plastic parasheet w/ spill and vents
Estes A8-5
This was the usual perfect flight for this reliable performer, and recovery was close to the pad.
12" plastic parasheet w/d spill and vents
Estes A8-5
Another perfect flight, this one recovered in the tall grass, but was easily located and retrieved.

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