Flight Log for 2 Jun 1996, Monroe, Washington

High scatterd clouds, winds 2-5 mph.
Model Flt
Recovery Type Motor Comments
Blue Star 4 12" plastic streamer Estes A8-5 Flown from my 18mm tower, everything about the flight was good; recovered between LCO table and pads. I'm still impressed with the amount of height this rocket gets on small motors.
Mongoose (upper) 13 24" plastic streamer Estes B6-4 Another perfect flight, with recovery close to the pad -- and a break on the dozen-flights jinx left over from the loss of the Bertha-Winder.
Mongoose (upper) 14 24" plastic streamer Estes A10-0T

Estes A3-4T

This flight used my 13mm adapter, with CHAD-staged motors, but the upper motor failed to ignite (first time that's happened to me), and the rocket imitated a lawn dart about 20 feet from the pad, from an altitude of about 50 feet. The body tube, weakened by previous abuses (dampness, over-tight motors, and fins sticking in the ground on recovery) gained a big crumple about 1/3 of the way up from the fins, probably not repairable. I'll probably cut this rocket down, remove the thrust block, and make a booster out of it for use with the Mongoose 3.
Blue Star 5 12" plastic streamer Estes A8-5 Boring, ho-hum, routinely perfect flight and recovery. I'm starting to really like this rocket!
Blue Star 6 12" plastic streamer Estes 1/2A6-2 Motor CATOed -- either the propellant debonded and blew forward, or the ejection fired at burnout about 20 feet off pad (though burnout would normally be about 40 feet). The other two motors from this pack were okay at earlier launches. Motor casing was ejected, and recovery system deployed (though, oddly, the wadding was still in the tube) at about 50 mph; the only damage to the rocket was a tiny crimp in the mouth of the body tube.
Blue Star 7 12" plastic streamer Estes B4-6 After surviving the CATO, I figured this rocket was charmed, and got up the nerve to launch it on a B (it goes so high on A's, I'd been afraid of losing it). Flight was very high (simulations say over 900 feet), and very hard to track -- this is a pretty small rocket for that kind of altitude -- but everything went well and the model recovered close to the pad in spite of ejecting the motor. I think I'm going to have to start taping the motors to the body tube.

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