Flight Log for 17 June, 2000, 60 Acres Park, Redmond, WA

High scattered clouds, hot, and wind 0-5 variable -- wind mostly due to thermal activity.  Today was an "open house" promoting continued multi-use designation for this field.
Model Flt 
Recovery Type Motor Comments
12" plastic parasheet Estes B6-4 It was hot out, but I wanted to get some good flights, so I turned to the old reliable Big Bertha design as incarnated in BBBertha!  As always, the boost was completely nominal, and recovery was close -- it helps greatly to have very little to no wind.  There was some minor schorching of the parachute that contributed to keeping it folded, but the rocket recovered in a flat spin, falling so perfectly that about half the five feet of shock cord was wound neatly around the forward end of the airframe.
12" plastic parasheet
Quest C6-5 After unsticking the stuck bits of the parachute and repacking it, I put a little more motor in -- and got the same kind of ho-hum perfect flight as always.  Even the tail wagging I'm used to seeing with these Quest motors wasn't present -- that might have been wind related.
12" plastic parasheet
Estes D12-5
I traded a D12-3 for a D12-5 (my motor stock is getting pretty low -- it's been broke out lately), wished it was a D12-7, and loaded it up.  Boost was hot and straight, with deployment a good bit early -- the D12-7 ejects almost perfectly at apogee in a Bertha, but the -5 is a bit short.  This rocket can take that much, though, and from well over 800 feet, still returned on the field.

Just before landing, one of the R/C glider fliers was winding up for a good hard hand launch, and didn't see my descending rocket under parachute; he hauled off with a good throw, and caught a wind on my shock cord.  There was, of course, no damage to the rocket; the glider was quite literally thrown into a spin from which the flier very nearly recovered, but ended with a stall into a vertical dive to the ground from about ten feet up.  The glider pilot reported hearing nothing crack on impact, and his glider flew normally afterward, so apparently no harm done -- but in three years flying at this field and sharing the field with the gliders, this is the first actual contact between the two.

12" plastic parasheet
Quest C6-5
Well, maybe I'm in a rut, but there was a rumor the Governor might show, and there surely were some County officials out earlier in the day.  In any case, in this kind of crowded venue calls for a reliable, stable rocket, and the BBBErtha! is every bit of that.  This flight was no different, landing only about fifty feet from the pad.

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