Flight Log for 16 August 1997, 60 Acres Park, Redmond, WA

Weather was clear, sunny, and hot, wind 0-5 N, and high temperature near 90 F. We shared the field with a number of sailplane pilots enjoying the thermals.
Model Flt
Recovery Type Motor Comments
Bertha-24 15 12" plastic parasheet with spill and vents Estes B6-4 I launched the Bertha as a wind check rocket -- there wasn't any. The launch was perfect, with landing close. This was the first time I'd used my newly rebuilt Estes controller, from an old starter set, modified with extension cords and battery clips to connect to any 12V battery. Ignition was instant all day.
Fat Fat Boy 1 18" plastic parasheet Estes C6-3 This was the first flight on my new Fat Boy derivative. This version has six fins instead of two, 24mm core mount, and 4 18mm outboard mounts, but the outboards are arranged to allow use of either 2 or 3 outoard motors, instead of two or four as on the Bully. This first launch was with an adapter, and was nominal except for one shroud line pulling through the attach point on the parachute. Field repairs were done before reflight a little later.
Cherokee-D(2) 1 12" plastic parasheet Estes B6-4 This, in turn, was the first flight on my newest Cherokee-D repro. This one, with water-transfer repro decals supplied by Kurt Schachner, is even better looking than the previous one; I had fewer problems with the paint, the decals look much better than the paper substitutes I used on the first Cherokee-D, and I had a little more practice in making the fins just so. The flight was uneventful, with little roll and recovery very near the pad.
Super Firefly B/G 2 Glide, with 18" streamer in pod Estes 1/2A3-2T Modifications to the pod in an attempt to prevent popping off were tested and found wanting. The pod was still able to lever itself loose from the glider, and did so, though they did stay together a bit longer than on the previous flight. Once again, the glider recovered and glided well, but had too little altitude for good duration. Back to the building board once more.
Comet Mustang B/G conversion 2 Glide, 12" streamer in pod Estes 1/2A3-2T This boost glider was modified in an effort to reduce the extreme looping under thrust, but without success. This one will be abandoned as unsalvageable; the glider may make an acceptable parasite, but can't be made to work reliably with a pod for 1/2A and A, due to the hook position requiring the thrust line to augment, rather than offsetting, the glider's natural pitch-up tendency.
Maniac 7 18" nylon X-form parachute Estes D12-5 The Maniac is another dependable rocket -- put in a D12-5, and it'll boost straight and recover reliably. It did it again, and there wasn't much walk due to the minimal wind and the rapid descent under the X-form parachute.
Cherokee-D(2) 2 12" plastic parasheet Estes C6-5 After the excellent first flight, it was time to try a little more power -- but I wasn't yet ready to risk losing the Cherokee-D. I put in a C6-5, and the flight was just like the first one, only higher and faster. Recovery was once again close to the pads.
Fat Fat Boy 2 18" plastic parasheet Estes D12-5 Time to load it up a bit -- the ounce of nose weight, and the extra weight of fins and motor mount, combined to limit the performance on a C, but on a D12, the rocket flew higher and faster, and this time the parachute stayed together in spite of field repairs.
Cherokee-D(2) 3 12" plastic parasheet Estes C6-5 After seeing this rocket's second flight with a C, I'm led to wonder why Estes ever put a D mount in the bird -- this rocket doesn't perform like an Alpha, but there's certainly more here than a Bertha, and the rocket is too prone to loss on a D under any conditions other than dead calm. In that respect, it's similar to the Estes Black Brant II, another D-motor bird of similar size (BT-55) and weight (a couple ounces plus motor), which is also prone to loss due to very high flight on a D motor. I'm likely to stick to C motors in this Cherokee-D for the near future.

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