Flight Log for 15 May, 1998, AMA Field, Muncie, Indiana
National Sport Launch '98, Day One

Clear, changing to high haze late in the day; hot, humid; wind S 10-15, changing to S 2-5 around 5 pm.
Model Flt 
Recovery Type Motor Comments
Bertha 24
12" plastic parasheet w/ spill and vents Estes D12-7 Barring ignition problems, this would have been the first flight of the launch.  As is, I have the dubious honor of fielding the first misfire of the 1998 National Sport Launch.  After two new igniters, and scraping the propellant inside the nozzle, the motor lit, and the rocket flew nominally, as always.  While retrieving, a good way downrange, I was able to assist another rocketeer in finding a much larger rocket that had also drifted well downrange.
24" nylon parasheet RMS 29/40-120 F40-4W This was one of those flights you wish you could have back.  I had intended to load a G64 for this (to me) heavy model, but couldn't find the G64-4 reloads I was sure I'd bought and brought from Seattle.  Finally, in a fit of bad judgment (given the wind), I loaded up an F40-4 instead, and took the rocket to check-in.  I'd almost certainly have been okay in less wind; I'd flown the Thug previously on F62 motors, and it didn't occur to me that the higher wind would have the effect it did.  I can only plead relative inexperience with LMR/HPR rockets and the effects of wind on the relatively slow liftoffs some such can produce.
The motor lit on the first try, but weathercocked by around 30 degrees immediately off leaving the (vertical) rod.  The wind direction meant this had it flying toward the parking and prep area.  The rocket flew a low, rainbow trajectory, much of it with me saying "eject, eject, EJECT!!" until it struck a canopy belonging to one of the Tri City Sky Busters.  The rocket punched a large hole in the canopy, but fortunately did no harm either to the group of rockets lying on the ground underneath, or to the woman reclining on a lounger just a few feet away.  The rocket itself suffered some paint scrapes and cracked paint on the nose cone, had one fin sheared away and a second partially broken, both outboard of the airframe.  Repairs haven't been started yet as of 5/25, and will be complicated by the TMT fin mounting, but I have confidence the Thug will fly again.
Featherweight Estes B6-4 High, wandering flight path, with recovery intact about fifty feet from the pad.
Spike (2)
18" nylon parasheet RMS 24/40 E18-4W Given the wind, this flight was about as perfect as one could wish for.  Ejection was close to apogee, and the model recovered close, between the registration tent and the road.
Spyglass 1
Rocket Glider Estes 1/2A3-2T Boost showed considerable arcing, despite new roll tab, but model recovered well into glide and glided better than previously.  Turn was to right?!  Must be due to excessive effect of roll tab relative to ruddervator setting.

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