Flight Log for 6 Jun 1997, Boeing Space Center, Kent, WA

Partial altostatus overcast, wind N 2-7, increasing to 5-10 by midafternoon.
This was my first competition launch, a club contest for the Boeing Employees' Model Rocket Club; the events flown were A PD and B SD.
Model Flt
Recovery Type Motor Comments
Ninja-B 4 18" plastic parasheet Estes A3-4T This model, carrying a relatively huge parachute, was flown in an A PD competition at Boeing Employees' Model Rocket Club. The model ejected before apogee, at around 500 feet. In order to fit the parachute in, I had to tear out the original Estes-type shock cord mount; in its place, I added a couple feet of heavy nylon carpet thread, attached to a grommet in one fin, located so that the model will hang approximately horizontal under the parachute. The parachute only opened about 2/3 of the canopy at first, then was opened the rest of the way by air turbulence after losing about 2/3 of its altitude. The rocket drifted into a fenced area of the Boeing plant, and had to be retrieved by an employee later in the contest. Duration was 107 seconds.
Flutter-B 2 7" x 70" crepe paper streamer Estes B6-6 My B SD entry was my purpose-built model, the Flutter-B. The huge streamer deployed perfectly, and I recorded a duration of 62 seconds. This flight also landed in the plant, but someone who'd stepped outside for a break picked up the rocket and handed it back over the fence, so that I was able to refly right away.
Flutter-B 3 7" x 70" crepe paper streamer Estes B6-6 The second competition flight for this rocket required a minor repair to the stremer. The first competition flight (the second flight total on the rocket and streamer) resulted in a scorched hole a couple inches across in the streamer, presumably due to a poor seal with the stiff Quest wadding -- easier to handle, being precut in squares, but it just doesn't seal quite as well as the softer Estes product. In absence of a spare streamer, I accomplished repairs by folding the streamer material to cover the hole with an overlap, then taped the over in place on both sides. I repacked and flew again, but either the shortened streamer (I lost between two and four inches of length) affected the fall time more than I'd have expected, or the air conditions were less favorable; I was also able to see that even on a -6 delay, ejection occurred while the rocket was still rising, albeit not very rapidly. The duration for the second flight was 49 seconds, for a two-flight total of 111 seconds, and a return on both flights. This time turned out to be good enough for second place, 33 seconds behind a former NAR B SD record holder.
Ninja-B 5 18" plastic parasheet Estes A3-4T After retrieval of the Ninja-B from the Boeing plant, I quickly prepped and flew again, with only about 15 minutes remaining in the contest. The parachute apparently suffered a partial line tangle or inverted a panel or two, and only opened about halfway. Despite the higher descent rate this produced, the increased wind led to more drift, and the rocket once again went inside the plant and landed on top of one of the buildings, about 40 feet above the ground. Despite this, the duration was still 56 seconds, for a total of 163 seconds, about 30 seconds ahead of the next best entry and earning me a first place. The rocket was later retrieved by another Boing employee, who was able to get to the roof from inside the building.
Bully 4 18" nylon x-form parachute Estes D12-5 There was some sport flying after the competition, and I put the Bully up a couple times after collecting my prizes. This flight was completely nominal, with landing in tallish grass and no damage.
Bully 5 18" nylon x-form parachute Estes D12-5 The second sport flight of the Bully was less auspicious; it drifted further, and landed on the shorter mowed grass, apparently directly on the tip plate of the fin with the shortest TTW tab. The tip plate was broken (again), and the fin fillets were cracked on both sides, with the fin left loose in its slot. Repairs were needed, and since the launch time was winding down, I picked up my rockets and my prizes and went home.

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