Flight Log for 14 August 1999, Boeing Space Center, Kent, WA

Overcast ~2500' AGL, changing to scattered clouds after noon.  Wind SW 2-5, shifting to W 2-10 by afternoon.
Model Flt 
Recovery Type Motor Comments
Spyglass 1
Estes 1/2A3-2T My first contest flight in the 1/2A Rocket Glider event at the SeaNAR local contest.  After repairs necessitated by a test gliding accident (the bird hit not one, but two separate legs on the launch pad units, knocking both wings off the pylon), this flight was near perfect, with a good boost, complete deployment, and recovery into a nicely turning glide; recorded time was 14 seconds.
Spyglass 1
Estes 1/2A3-2T
This flight wasn't as good; deployment was only partial, with the resulting glide being slightly nose down and very fast.  There was no damage, and it was ruled an official flight due to the stable glide path; recorded time was six seconds.  My competition in this event was flying a slide-wing glider and an Edmonds Ecee; the slide-wing had two consecutive boost problems that led to transition failure, while the Ecee turned in 11 seconds on its first flight, and a very nice sixteen on its second to handily beat me out.  Still, second place isn't all bad for the first iteration of a design, and there's no shame in getting beaten by an Edmonds glider.

Due to a combination of factors (mostly bad weather at the time I had to make go/no-go decisions) this was my last launch for 1999.  Due to a reduction in my free time, and in order to save space, I'm going to stop including launches I don't attend or that are scrubbed in these logs, but I do intend to continue to log each flight.

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