Flight Log for 13 June 1998, Boeing Space Center, Kent, WA

Overcast appr. 3000' AGL, wind S 2-7.
Model Flt 
Recovery Type Motor Comments
18" plastic parasheet Estes A3-4T This first contest flight for the Boeing Employees' Model Rocket Club non-sanctioned summer contest series suffered a partial deployment and still turned up 33 seconds.  As with last year, I have trouble getting the Estes parasheet to fully open from a BT-20 with the very light Ninja underneath.
18" plastic parasheet Estes A3-4T Second contest flight, parachute deployed as a spike but due to the very high flights from this boattailed coaster, I still turned in 35 seconds; these two flights were good for first place due to a high proportion of DQ results from other fliers.
6"x60" 2 & 1 Z-fold chart paper streamer Estes B4-6 This was my first contest flight for the B SD contest; it was a straight, high flight, and deployment was good, but the nose cone and streamer separated from the body (which recovered without damage) for a DQ.  I didn't realize it until the contest was over, but the problem was that I was attaching the streamer's leader to the non-elastic carpet thread portion of the shock cord, rather than at the nose with a couple feet of elastic between streamer and body; as a result, the momentum of the ejected streamer was breaking things.  Ah well, live and learn.
6"x60" 2 & 1 Z-fold chart paper streamer Estes B4-6 Second contest flight, with a new snap-swivel in the shock cord train (and my second streamer as backup, since the first ripped on deployment).  Same result, near enough; this time the carpet thread external shock cord snapped at a knot, conclusively demonstrating that knots weaken a line.  Once more, both parts were recovered without damage, but another DQ was scored.
Spike (2)
18" nylon parasheet Estes D12-3 As always with the Spike on this motor, low and slow, less than 150 feet, with recovery after apogee but with plenty of time for parachute deployment.  Always a good show flight.
Cherokee-D (2)
12" plastic parasheet Quest C6-5 Nominal flight and close recovery despite the breeze.  Ignition with the Tiger Tail II igniters was instant, as usual.

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