Flight Log for 13 Jul 1997, 60 Acres Park, Redmond, WA

Broken altocumulus appr. 3500', wind 2-5 N. Excellent rocket weather.
Model Flt
Recovery Type Motor Comments
Ninja-B 5 12" x 1.5" crepe streamer Estes 1/2A3-4T This was partly a wind test flight; this rocket goes high enough even on a 1/2A (around 400 feet) to get a good idea of the winds aloft. In this case, they were much like those on the ground, and there were no surprises.
Hawkeye 4 Nose-blow tumble Estes 1/2A3-2T I used a shorter delay on this one to keep it closer -- and then almost lost sight of the gray rocket against the cloud cover. The rocket landed close, though, as it usually does, and without damage.
Bertha 24 8 12" plastic parasheet with spill Estes D12-7 Yawn. Another perfect flight, no big deal... (grin!) ...Once again, the -7 delay was perfect for this rocket, rather surprising given that the Maniac has a smaller tube and wouldn't seem to be a much higher-drag design, yet flies on a -5. It can only be weight that makes the difference; the Bertha is at least an ounce lighter than the Maniac.
Bertha 24 9 12" plastic parasheet with spill Estes B6-4 Just as a study in contrast, I loaded up the Bertha with 1/4 the impulse of the previous fliight. This time, the rocket weathercocked a tiny bit, and ejected directly over my head, to land about 25 feet from the pad.
Berha 24 10 12" plastic parasheet with spill CHAD staged, Estes B6-0/Estes A8-5 I wanted to experiment with streamer recovery of the dropped booster motor in CHAD staging, and there isn't another rocket anywhere that CHAD stages better than a Big Bertha -- so I loaded it up with the smallest motors practical to test the concept. I wrapped a 12" streamer around the booster, and taped it very lightly to the upper stage motor in a position such that when staging occurred, the puff from the gap between motors would burn through the tape and release the streamer as the booster fell away. It worked perfectly, and the motor/delay combination was also perfect -- yet another excellent flight on this reliable bird.
Berha 24 11 12" plastic parasheet with spill CHAD staged, Estes C6-0/Estes C6-7 The first CHAD stage worked so well, I did it again, with more motor -- this time, for whatever reason, the rocket tipped off and flew uprange and upwind about 250 yards before ejecting over the soccer fields at the park -- which fields were then in use for an Ultimate Frisbee tournament. The rocket landed on an active field, but the action had all been at one end, and the rocket was neither noticed, nor stepped on before I arrived to collect it.
Berha 24/Firefly parasite glider 12 12" plastic parasheet with spill Estes B6-4 Mike Pearson, who was flying with me, wanted to test his Firefly glider (built from plans at JimZ's archive), but the carrier he'd build for it wasn't sufficiently stable, and kept looping. I offered the services of the old reliable, and he accpeted. A couple minutes later, with a piece of Copperhead tube taped to the body for an attachement, the Bertha was on the pad with a glider hanging on the side. The flight was about like other B6-4 flights on this bird, with the exception that the glider separated perfectly on ejection and flew gentle circles, stalling very slightly, as it descended. It landed in the tall grass at the edge of the field, but both Mike and I had good lines on it, and he was able to walk directly to it and pick it up.

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