Flight Log for 12 Apr 1997, Boeing Space Center, Kent, WA

Partial overcast appr. 3500' AGL, wind 2-10 SW.
Model Flt
Recovery Type Motor Comments
Bertha 24 4 12" plastic parasheet w/ spill hole & vents Estes D12-7 Yet another straight flight with ejection just at apogee -- this motor and rocket combination is just about perfect, providing you account for the wind.
Maniac 5 18" nylon x-form Aerotech RMS 24/40, E18-7W(8) After 1 Copperhead failure (probably shorted due to attempting to Z-fold -- there was no Copperhead Clip available), another good, high flight. Delay was a slight bonus, with ejection well after apogee, and the parachute had a line tangle of some sort, remaining bundled. The rocket tumbled and landed on the gravel base of the radar test range at the Space Center; there was a minor crack in the bottom of one fin, but I didn't discover it until the 10 May launch. Once found, it took two minutes to fix with plastic-formula CA.

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