Flight Log for 11 November, 2000, Boeing Space Center, Kent, WA

Overcast about 5000' AGL, wind calm, and chilly.
Model Flt 
Recovery Type Motor Comments
Astron Cobra
12" plastic parasheet 3x Estes B6-6 This was my first NARTrek Silver task -- to fly and recover a cluster rocket built from an existing kit or plans.  Prepped normally, launched, and recovered, ho hum.  Hard to go wrong with a proven good flier.
Cherokee-D (2)
12" plastic parasheet w/ spill and vents
Quest C6-5
With D12-7 motors officially extinct, I can either fly this rocket with my 18-24 mm adapter, or use reloads like the D15-7 -- the D12-5 is much too short a delay for this high performance rocket.  I chose the adapter, today, and I'm glad I did.  The rocket boosted dead straight and ejected just as it turned over, just about perfect.  With the chill in the air, and hardly anyone else at the launch, I called it a day -- but it was worth showing up to get a couple good flights.

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