Flight Log for 10 March 2001, Boeing Space Center, Kent, WA

Broken overcast appr. 3000' AGL, wind SW 2-10.
Model Flt 
Recovery Type Motor Comments
Cherokee-D (2)
12" plastic parasheet w/ spill and vents
Aerotech RMS 24/40 D15-7(6)
First flight of the day for me, though I'd seen a couple other flights go off.  I was pretty sure I could compensate enough for the wind, so I went ahead and put the D15 into the Cherokee, about 15% more impulse than an Estes D.  The launch pad today was using a pair of R/C car battery packs for 14.4V, and the Copperhead ignited immediately.  The Cherokee was almost out of sight at ejection, but I managed to keep a track on it and follow all the way to landing -- in the edge of a pond near the far edge of the field.  Fortunately, the parachute hung on overhanging branches, so that although the rocket got a dunking, I was able to retrieve it with a stick instead of having to wade.  No damage; just a matter of drying out the tube and motor mount before trying to fly again -- so no more flights for the Cherokee today, but it'll fly again.
Astron Cobra
18" nylon X-form
3x Estes A8-5
This was another of the nominal flights this rocket normally turns in.  All three motors lit instantly, boost was straight and the delay just about perfect; drift was much less than with the Cherokee.  I only have four of these motors left, but they lose certification July 1st in any case -- of all the motors Estes has discontinued in the last couple years, I think I'll miss these and the B6-0 the most.
12" plastic parasheet
Estes D12-5
Having the flown the Cherokee on a D, I could hardly do less with the Bertha -- so up she went, and after considerable walking, all was well.  As usual, boost was straight and free of roll, with ejection just before turnover.  The D12-7 is a better motor for this rocket, I think, but the -5 works.
12" plastic parasheet
Estes B6-4
The quick, easy prep of the BBBertha! with its recovery compartment makes for easy, quick reflights -- in this case, just a few minutes from recovery to relaunch, no messing with wadding and the parachute repacked before I returned from the previous recovery.  Off she went again, with a bit more compensation for wind, resulting in a landing just twenty-five or so feet from the pad.
12" plastic parasheet
Estes C6-5
Another flight before leaving for the day -- and just as good as the previous ones.  This flight went further upwind, because of the higher boost and longer coast, but correspondingly drifted more; net result was a slightly longer walk, but still less than 100 feet from the pad.  And with that, it was time to pack up for the day and go home.

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