Flight Log for 1 February 1998, Monroe, WA

Due to frontal systems, weather was highly variable, ranging from partly sunny with gusty wind S 5-15 before noon, to overcast and wind S 2-5, to rain and wind S 10-25 by 15:00.
Model Flt 
Recovery Type Motor Comments
18" nylon parasheet Aerotech RMS 24/40 w/ E18-4 reload Due to a pad problem that resulted in an unscheduled drag race with an H-motor bird, I missed most of this flight, but someone else who actually kept his eye on the rocket told me the flight was completely nominal.  I can verify there was no damage when the rocket was recovered.  This was also the first flight with a complete paint job on the Spike -- I've been flying it for months in primer, and finished painting it just Saturday evening, about 18 hours before this flight.  I've got a photo still in the camera; I'll try to get it scanned and uploaded to the fleet roster entry for the Spike once it's developed (likely a few weeks).  Unfortunately, after this flight, I was tapped to sit at the LCO table for an hour, and by the end of that time, the weather was deteriorating badly and my ride was ready to leave.  Still, given the number of rockets that went into the swamp in just a couple hours, it's probably just as well I didn't get to fly the F40-7 I had prepped.

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